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    Pro Tip: Asking your customer for a review

    Asking your customers for reviews can be tough. You don't want to seem pushy, but at the same time, you know that online reviews are important for...

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    Avoid TROUBLE: Estimate Accurately Every Time!

    This easy-to-use sales enablement platform was created by contractors for contractors with the highest level of accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency...

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    Using Financing to Seal the Deal

    HomeVest Finance lets you prequalify customers for a variety of financing products from multiple lenders without affecting their credit score.

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    3 Reasons to Offer Point of Sale Financing

    Contractors wanting to offer better financing options to their customers will need to work with an easy-to-use platform that is flexible and intuitive

    Virtual Selling

    Master the Golden Rule of Sales

    In this video, sales trainer Aaron Prickel discusses how you can interrupt a prospect’s traditional patterns during a sales call and stand out.

    Sales Platform

    Why You Need a Repeatable Sales Process

    Whether you’re looking to grow or just want to spend fewer hours at your desk, here’s why you need to adopt a repeatable sales process.

    Virtual Selling

    Make your onboarding experience a huge success

    Here's the inside scoop on the key points to keep in mind during your onboarding experience with One Click Contractor to ensure success.

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    4 Tips for Accepting Credit Card Payments

    Accepting credit cards as a payment method is expected by homeowners. Here's how to find the right fit for your business.

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    Weathering Storm Season: Tips for Contractors

    If you’re a contractor who works on home exterior elements, you need to know how to help homeowners when their homes are damaged by hail, wind, or...

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    How to Survive Supply Chain Challenges

    While things are improving as we navigate our way to “normal,” these headaches won't disappear overnight. Here are five actions to take NOW to...

    Virtual Selling

    Sell More Deals With Finance Options

    Learn more about our new feature that allows contractors to concisely show options side-by-side and easily present financing options to the...

    Tips and Tricks

    Building your digital toolbelt

    Many contractors are reflecting on 2020 and what they can do to increase revenue, number of jobs, and improve their overall business operations.

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    Learn How to Succeed at Selling Roofing Online

    Boost customer engagement, increase closing rates, save time, & make more money by using a virtual sales process. Get the secrets to selling roofing...

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    How To Take Pro-Grade Job Photos

    Want to learn how to take pro-grade photos and gather job scope at the same time? Check out tips on using photos to gather job scope.

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    Virtual Selling for Interior Jobs

    Learn the best practices for gathering job scope, sharing your designs, selling the job, and closing the deal - all done virtually - for interior...

    How to Sell During A Pandemic

    One Click Contractor’s platform allows you to present design options, close the deal and collect payment virtually from the comfort of your home...

    Sales in a Time of Social Distancing

    Learn how you can still sell home improvement projects during a time of social distancing, upheaval, and massive change.

    How to Streamline Your Sales Process

    Learn key techniques that will help you increase the efficiency of your sales process and team -- capturing more leads and selling more jobs.

    Tips and Tricks

    What Are Homeowners REALLY Thinking?

    Ever wonder why you might feel that your business isn’t firing on all cylinders? We’ve compiled the inside scoop into what really goes through a...