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Credit card and ACH payment are important options to consider adding to your business, even if you’re just a one-man operation. Here’s why.

8 Reasons to Ditch Paper Checks and Start Accepting Credit Card and ACH Payments

Getting paid is a pretty important part of business. Why make it difficult? If you’ve been accepting cash or check only payment for years, you’re missing out on getting from “yes” to payment as fast as you could. Credit card and ACH payment are important options to consider adding to your business, even if you’re just a one-man operation. Here’s why.

Blog-L-SJ-Aug-19-346It’s convenient for customers.

We all love the simplicity of entering our payment info and sending it off with a click. Checks are gradually going out of fashion (especially among millennials - some don’t even own a checkbook), and most individuals have come to expect that there is an option of electronic payment. Adding credit cards as a payment option removes an important barrier to getting the job started and speeds up your sales process.

It builds trust.

Let’s face it: There are plenty of horror stories involving people running off with cash or a check and never doing the work. Or a check gets lost before the sales rep can bring it back to the office. These examples can make homeowners hesitant to hand over a cash or check payment. Credit cards come with consumer protections and create a better paper trail. Both provide peace of mind as they make their payment to you.

There’s no security risk handling sensitive data.

Ever written a customer’s payment info on a business card, napkin, or whatever else you could find while you’re on the go? Even with the absolute best intentions, it’s easy for sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII) to slip through the cracks. Collecting card payments through a digital platform cuts down on your liability of misplacing sensitive data. 

You can collect payment anywhere and everywhere.

Payment dongles that plug into your phone or tablet turn your device into an on-demand terminal, ready to swipe your homeowner’s card as you close the sale. Not meeting in person? The virtual terminal lets you easily collect the payment safely and securely from anywhere. 


You’ll get paid faster.

No more driving to the homeowner's house to chase down a check, waiting for payment by mail, or having to make a special trip to the bank to make a deposit. Virtual payments are simply deposited to your bank account without having to think about it, saving you time and gas money! 

You’ll have a streamlined system.

Your complete sales process can live in ONE platform, from getting the lead, to creating the estimation, to collecting payment. One Click Contractor’s all-in-one set-up allows you to easily keep track of every step of your system while knowing exactly where all of your customer information is housed. Plus, all data is accessible and can be pulled up whether you’re in the office, onsite, at home, or anywhere in between.

No more bad checks.

Bad checks cost you time and money. Credit card and ACH payments mean you’ll be able to know instantly if a payment is good, eliminating those surprises (especially after you’ve already ordered materials) and cutting out the time of dealing with the hassle. 

virtual-cards-b2b-faster-paymentsYou can be 100% virtual.

Going 100% virtual can completely transform your business. Virtual appointments are often homeowners’ preference (less time with a stranger in their house), and they offer plenty of time-saving opportunities on your end. Digital estimations, eSign agreements, and a homeowner payment without having to meet face-to-face round out the virtual sales experience, giving you the flexibility to successfully sell your next project from your home office.

How do you get started accepting credit cards and ACH payments? One Click Contractor makes it easier than ever with digital payments built right into your sales platform. Easily , allowing you to accept payments right from your dashboard and simplify your payment collection process. Learn more about this new addition or explore all of our integrations, including leading estimation, measurement, and presentation tools for contractors.

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