One Click Contractor Announces Partnership with Sentrel Bath Systems

Sentrel Bath Systems Chooses One Click Contractor’s Sales Enablement Software to Empower its Network of Remodeling Contractors


June 28, 2023 – Sentrel Bath Systems, a leader in innovative and elegant bathroom remodeling solutions, announced its partnership with One Click Contractor, a pioneer in digital sales enablement software, to streamline sales processes and drive growth for its expansive network of remodeling contractors.

Sentrel's decision to choose One Click Contractor underscores its commitment to enhancing sales processes through state-of-the-art technology. The new partnership aims to support contractors, elevate customer experience, and expedite the sales process, building on Sentrel's renowned reputation for superior quality and service.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with One Click Contractor. Their cutting-edge sales enablement platform is in line with our commitment to support our network of contractors by providing them with the best tools to drive growth," said Jared Warburton, Vice President of Sales at Sentrel Bath Systems. "This strategic partnership will empower our contractors to deliver a seamless customer journey, from the initial proposal stage through to project completion."

One Click Contractor’s robust sales enablement software will provide Sentrel's network with an all-in-one platform for digital sales. The platform includes features like Smart Interiors™ measurement tool, project estimation, and electronically signed contracts via text or email. Contractors will now be able to quickly produce accurate, professional proposals, and dynamically present pricing and financing options in one digital job folder.

Sentrel’s integration with One Click includes the build-a-bath tool, which allows Sentrel contractors to do bathroom configurations inside of the One Click platform.

"Working with Sentrel Bath Systems, a company renowned for its excellence in the remodeling industry, is an exciting development for us," said Ryan Lococo, CEO of One Click Contractor. "We believe our technology can truly revolutionize the sales process for Sentrel’s network, ultimately delivering a more satisfying customer experience."

By embracing this digital transformation, Sentrel Bath Systems aims to future-proof its sales process, offering a competitive edge to its contractor network and delivering superior service to its network. 

About One Click Contractor

One Click Contractor is the remodeling industry’s leading solution to streamline and automate the sales closing process. It enables contractors to reduce disorganization, drive consistency in their proposals, grow their businesses, and increase average ticket prices. One Click’s sales platform integrates with many of the remodeling industry’s best applications to create a truly end-to-end sales solution. Designed for home improvement businesses of all sizes, it is a residential construction estimating solution that helps measure, estimate & manage sales processes, finances, and more. 

About Sentrel Bath Systems

Sentrel Bath Systems is a leading provider of bathroom remodeling solutions, offering high-quality, beautiful, and durable products to its extensive network of remodeling contractors. The company is known for its commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative bathroom designs.

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