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Just Launched: One Click Contractor New Product Enhancements-February

Just launched! We are working to keep everyone updated with new features and enhancements to our sales productivity platform.

As promised, we are working to keep everyone updated with new features and enhancements to our sales productivity platform. We added some exciting features based on YOUR feedback. Check them out below: 

Zapier Integration
One Click Contractor and Zapier Integration
We are SO excited to announce our latest integration with Zapier! Through this integration, we are able to unlock thousands of third-party programs to work with One Click Contractor so that passing data between your other software platforms and our sales platform is seamless.

What can you do with One Click Contractor’s Zapier Integration? We have set up triggers to fire over all job, customer and estimate information so you no longer have to spend time doing double data entry. 

Here are a few ways that our customers are using Zapier to connect: Hatch (messaging and reshash communication platform), QuickBooks, Google Sheets, CRM’s and more! Zapier connects with more than 3,000 apps! Check out the full list here: https://zapier.com/apps

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 6.00.58 PMFor more information, on how you can start using One Click Contractor’s Zapier Integration contact us to learn more. 

New Estimate Layout 

Now Available: A new and improved estimate layout based on YOUR feedback! We know that our customers love the ability to automatically generate a PDF of the estimate (agreement) with the click of a button. Our new and improved layout & design increases readability for the homeowner. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 5.48.15 PMWe’ve enhanced our PDF so you can now present a cleaner, more concise layout while expanding overall description and pricing layout to include payment terms, options and estimated dates. All of this provides you a better way to present the total job price, payment schedule, and share financing options with your customers.

Users with multiple locations 

Does your business have multiple locations or do you have users who need to do work or need visibility into multiple locations?  Owners, managers or users are now capable of toggling between organizations within a single account. No need to login and log out of multiple accounts just to get access to the data you need through a single accessible login. 

A few other enhancements

A couple other things we were excited to add this month were new units of measure for solar which included Watts and kilowatts, our Quickstart feature can now automatically fill out your sales rep information, adding the estimate name to your cover page & email subject line when sending out a proposal or agreement, and for users utilizing our sales tax feature, we now include the subtotal before tax on the PDF. 

Stay tuned for next month’s product updates, we’ve got some more exciting announcements you won’t want to miss!

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