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5 Efficiency Tips to Make the Most Out of Busy Season

Welcome to busy season! Here are 5 efficiency tips you can quickly implement to ensure this season is one of your most productive and successful to date.

It’s that time of year again: Welcome to busy season! Whether you’re bombarded with calls for quotes, working through a backlog of projects, or a mix of both, efficiency is critical for making it through high volume periods with fewer headaches. What does this look like? Here are five efficiency tips you can quickly implement to make sure this season is one of your most productive and successful to date.

1) Get a virtual office manager Get a virtual office manager

It’s a myth that you have to add someone to your team to get more done. You just need the right digital tools and streamlined systems. A sales efficiency platform like One Click Contractor can give you all of the benefits of an office manager for less money (and none of the new employee training or onboarding), allowing you to organize, store, and automate tasks that can normally take you a lot more time to get done. This means no more lost work thanks to unfinished estimates and disorganized paperwork, and more time to spend doing all things you love - selling more jobs, spending time with family and friends - you pick where you’re going to spend your time.

2) All materials are up to date Reduce windshield time

Efficiency slows without access to the right information at the right part of your sales process. Don’t run into the problem of having to update a quote or change information on a customer because a team member didn’t have the right price sheet. Check and update all your pricing as needed (especially with the current landscape of rapidly fluctuating product prices), update presentations, and make sure your team has easy access to everything they need to successfully close the job. 

💡Pro Tip: One Click Contractor’s pricing flexibility allows you to control the pricing of specific materials without having to overhaul everything, making it easy to deal with the current supply chain interruptions.

3) Create repeatable systems

Systems are the cornerstone of efficiency and they’re even more important in busy seasons when administrative tasks can feel overwhelming to get through. Much of your sales process can be streamlined and replicated with templates. One Click Contractor’s templating function allows you to build reusable estimate sections that you can plug and play for every job you quote. Plus, the digital measurement capabilities allow you to quickly move from measurement collection to estimate build in seconds. 

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4) Reduce windshield time

Windshield time to and from sales meetings adds up. It’s time to cut your gas expense and wasted productivity time that you can spend with customers or closing jobs. The best way to do this? Virtual meetings, which not only save you time but are more convenient for the customer. You can meet homeowners wherever you are and more easily work around complex schedules. One Click Contractor’s built-in two-way screen share functionality makes presentations simple for both you and homeowners and requires no software download. Just send a link to the customer’s email and get started.

💡Pro Tip: Meetings aren’t the only thing you can take remotely! Remote measurement technology is fast, accurate, safe, and efficient, saving you even more valuable time. 

5) Skip the paper payments - go digital

Skip the paper payments - go digital

Trips to the bank and remembering to deposit checks are tasks of the past. Get paid faster with the switch to credit card or ACH payments, which you can accept anywhere you have your phone or tablet. With the streamlined set-up of One Click Contractor, you can go from measurements to presentation, to estimate and payment FAST. Want to start accepting digital payments now? Check out partners like CardConnect and PaySimple who have integrated payment options right inside of One Click Contractor.  

Red-Shirt-Laptop-Price-Presentation-300dpi (1)💡Pro Tip: Financing is more popular than ever, with people financing everything from their cell phone and workout equipment to their home improvement projects. Make sure to include financing options as part of EVERY sales presentation. One Click Contractor’s built-in price presentation tool allows you to easily present multiple, comparable financing options for your customers through partners like Sunlight Financial or GreenSky.


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