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Curbside Selling: The New Way to Share Product Samples with Homeowners

Learn how you can still share product samples with customers using hands-on experience, even with state guidelines in place encouraging social distancing.

Ever watch a homeowner decide on a new shingle color for their roof, or a tile for their backsplash, or how their new floor might look with their existing wall color? With the current worldwide pandemic, the way contractors and remodelers used to share product samples and help customers form an emotional connection with the materials had to change.

Meet the Curbside Selling Approach!

Even with state-recommended guidelines in place encouraging social distancing, your customer can still touch and feel the products they might put in their home using hands-on experience with “Curbside Selling.”

Here’s how it works:
Gather job scope. If it’s an exterior job, do Curbside-Brett2 copyyour initial walk-around to gather job scope. If you’re doing an interior job, schedule a different time to come into the home with gloves, a mask, and shoe booties to collect measurements and take a few pictures. Once the job scope is gathered, proceed to the material selection process.

Set an appointment time to visit the customer’s home. A few minutes before the appointment, set up a card table in their driveway or open the bed of your pickup truck and place sanitizedsamples out on display.

Have your customer maintain a safe distance as you present the options to them, or return to your vehicle and call the homeowner to let them know you’re ready.

Curbside-BrettHave the homeowner stay on the phone or connect via a tablet, so you can walk them through the options.

After your customer has had the chance to look through the samples, jump on a full virtual presentation, go over your design, and initial estimate.

Once you’re done and the customer is safely back in their home, pack up and re-sanitize your samples for your next sales call.
Start Selling Now

You now have a customer who knows exactly what they are purchasing and feels completely secure making a safe, well-informed decision right in their driveway. Besides, your customer also appreciates the extra effort you made for their safety and the professionalism you have shown through this process.

Also, as a bonus, many of the neighbors may take notice of your presentation and consider it for their future home improvement projects. Many of the One Click Contractors who chose to deploy this tactic have received referrals based on how they conducted themselves in the sales process, even before any of the work was completed on the customer’s home.  

Transform Your Sales Process

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