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11 New Years Resolutions For Your Home Remodeling Business

What new year's resolutions are on your list? Check out our resolution resources so you can make this year's resolutions a reality for your business.

Where is your home improvement business heading into the new year? As the year comes to a close, now is the time to make those resolutions and consider what’s next for your business. 

Need some inspiration? We rounded up some resolutions that are likely on your list (or should be!) and resources to give you a jumpstart for making them a reality.

1. Work smarter, not harder

Making more money and getting more customers doesn’t have to mean working harder! Digital tools are just that—tools to make doing business easier. When you have a smarter, streamlined process, you’re sure to be more efficient.

Your resolution resource: 

2. Ditch paper, Go Digital

Going paperless gets rid of clutter, keeps you organized, and saves you time AND money. Plus, customers respond positively to businesses who sell how they want to buy. Customers can buy everything digitally these days, so why not their next home improvement project? 

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3. Get organized

It’s easy for organization goals to fall by the wayside when you get caught up in the day-to-day of your business. But with the right tools, organization doesn’t have to feel like a chore--and it can also take your business further than ever before. From getting estimates out quickly, to handling payments, to running a successful rehash process, 2021 can easily be the year you simplify and streamline your sales process.

Your resolution resources: 

4. Close more jobs & make more money

Making more money is likely near the top of your wish list every year. The good news is it’s 100% possible. One of the savviest ways to do this is to boost your close rate. If you’re not closing 50%+, it’s time to dive into your sales process and determine how you can boost your close rate to new heights.

Your resolution resources:

5. Save time

Time is the most limited resource you have, and chances are there are plenty of opportunities in your business that will help you make the most out of every minute. . Whether you want more time to engage with leads and customers or just to enjoy some family time, a better sales process is the #1 way to start cutting down on admin work and to make selling easier. In fact, most One Click Contractor customers say they save up to 10 hours a week in admin time. 

Your resolution resource: 

6. Wow customers & earn future jobs

You know you do good work, but what kind of customer experience are you really offering? An amazing customer experience from the first point of contact to the final project wrap-up gets you noticed, appreciated, and--best of all--referred.

Your resolution resources:

7. Go virtual

Virtual selling isn’t just a fad to help you to keep selling during  COVID-19. This option is gaining popularity for both contractors and homeowners. Virtual selling offers flexibility, a faster sales process, and a contactless way to engage with customers and sell the job.

Your resolution resources: 

8. Make the most of every lead

It’s time to stop letting leads slip through the cracks. When you’re swimming in customer paperwork, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss that next big job. That’s why it’s time to optimize your sales and rehash systems. An effective rehash program can help close 7-10% more jobs. Both strategies will help you sell, follow up, and keep your sales pipeline full.

Your resolution resource:

9. Expand geographic reach 

A bigger geographic area = more potential customers and more sales. But how do you open your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th locations? Digital sales! The addition of virtual appointments allows you to sell to anyone, anywhere (even when the customer is out of town and across the country). It also cuts down on the amount of windshield time you spend in your truck driving to appointments, which gives you more time to run additional appointments and close more jobs.

Your resolution resource: 

10. Do more with less

You don’t have to have a sales team with 10+ members to thrive and grow. A better, more efficient sales process allows you to do more with less. Whether you have 1 sales person or 10, the same sales platform can grow with you. We have many successful customers with all sizes of teams using One Click Contractor to drive their businesses. 

Your resolution resource: 

11. Sell how customers want to buy 

Contractors love going to customers’ houses, but the feeling isn’t mutual (sorry!). In a world where doctors can diagnose over a virtual appointment, you should be able to gather job scope and host an appointment virtually, too. Offering remote ways to connect, collect measurements, and more makes it easier on your customers AND you. 

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