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How Partnerships Connect Homeowner Warranty & Repair Claims with Contractors

One Click Contractor partners with Residential Warranty Services to connect homeowner warranty and repair claims with jobs for home improvement contractors

The only all-in-one sales platform for home improvement contractors’ latest partnership will extend the company’s offerings to provide jobs to contractors through the connection of over 2 million homeowner’s warranties and repair claims.

One Click Contractor, a home improvement sales productivity software solution, today announces a partnership with Residential Warranty Services (“RWS”) and their new platform Elev8. Elev8 is the first-ever system designed for addressing complex claims from homeowners and then connecting them with a home improvement pro who can complete the warranty or repair job.

“The way One Click Contractor and RWS are connecting home improvement pros with homeowner warranty and repair claims is the first of its kind,” said Dale Thornberry, CEO, and Founder of One Click Contractor.

 Since its inception in 2016, One Click Contactor’s SaaS software solution has focused its innovation on being able to provide home improvement contractors with a platform that simplifies and streamlines their sales process, helping them to close more jobs and increase profits. This new partnership with RWS will extend the company’s platform offering to be able to drop warranty and repair jobs right inside a contractor’s instance of One Click Contractor. The automation of warranty and repair claims will accelerate the process of connecting the homeowner with a home improvement pro that can complete their project.

“We’ve had the best data set and most customized approach to handling claims in the industry for well over a decade, but it has always been a challenge automating some of the claims situations where a homeowner has so many options. Both conveying the information and turning it into an actionable request has been a challenge so, that’s why we joined forces with One Click Contractor to give us the ability to innovate like no other participant in the industry,” said Justin Thacker, Chief Technology Officer of RWS.

 The new Elev8 solution from RWS will include automated bidding for major system replacements, integration of claim allowances for necessary repairs, automated and immediate payments for implementing repairs or replacements, face-to-face interactions with a professional team of repair and product consultants, and even a financing module. Elev8

 Elev8’s future includes immediate launch for roof leak repair claims and even service requests through the RWS Contractor Management System. In Q1 2021, the system will expand to HVAC systems and by Q2 the system will begin deploying for water heaters and major plumbing claims and service requests. 

 “Our team could not be more excited to join forces with the RWS technology team to truly revolutionize the industry,” explains Chris Thornberry, Chief Technology Officer of One Click Contractor. “We know that this innovation of connecting homeowner warranty and repair claims with a home improvement pro who can actually perform the work can change the face of the industry. The automation of these processes which are manual and disconnected today, will provide a better customer experience for homeowners and provide jobs for home improvement professionals. It’s a win for everyone involved,” Thornberry said.


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One Click Contractor’s all-in-one sales platform revolutionizes the connection between home improvement contractors and homeowners, allowing contractors to take on more jobs and make more money -- all while providing a best-in-class customer experience. One Click Contractor’s Distance Selling methodologies allow contractors to sell from anywhere, anytime - whether in-person or remotely. From measurements to creating the estimate, to closing and financing the job, home improvement contractors can standardize their sales process all within the same system. This enables contractors to take on more customers, increase their close rate, and ultimately increase their profits. Our solution is accessed through either a web application or an app (iOS and Android). To learn more about One Click Contractor visit: oneclickcontractor.com to schedule a consultation.


 About Residential Warranty Services, Inc.

Residential Warranty Services, Inc. (Founded in 1988) is North America’s leading Real Estate vendor providing Home Service Contracts, RecallCheck reports, and Laboratory Services and works with over 150,000 partners, referring partners, and clients in the Home Inspection, Mold Remediation, Real Estate, and Home Service Provider space.  Based in Carmel, Indiana with offices throughout the U.S., Residential Warranty Services is a proud employer of hundreds of American workers with operations that include manufacturing, technology development, call center services, software development, marketing services, and environmental testing/analysis.  Learn more at RWSwarranty.com.

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