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Why You Need a Repeatable Sales Process

Whether you’re looking to grow or just want to spend fewer hours at your desk, here’s why you need to adopt a repeatable sales process.


Picture this: you’re in the office, working late and scrambling to get a batch of estimates out. You’re switching between browser tabs to pull up measurements, pricing information, product pictures, and more—all while crunching numbers and deciphering hand-written notes. Sound familiar? If the answer is “yes,” you’re losing valuable time in your business. Whether you’re looking to grow or want to spend fewer hours at your desk, here’s why you need to adopt a repeatable sales process.

Automation = Efficiency


We're all familiar with the fast-food industry model: sell as many food items, made to order, as quickly as possible. So, what's their secret to success? Automation. Every employee across the board uses the same, easy-to-understand process. There's no downtime or lost productivity because of confusion, and there's no need to juggle multiple programs to stay organized.

The same is true for your sales process. An automated and repeatable sales process ensures that your projects run smoothly from start to finish every time. While you may not desire the same billions-served reach of an international burger joint, you can use processes to grow your small business while saving time and money.

Sit Back & Relax


What are some other benefits of creating a streamlined sales process for your team? How about a little R&R? No, not remodel and renovation - rest and relaxation! When your employees are running the ship smoothly on their own, you can step back and take a much-needed break.

Automated processes also help you prepare for whatever the future may bring, whether it’s expansion, retirement, or selling your business. When your team knows how to sell and manage a project successfully, the future of your business is more secure.

Secure Your Future

automated sales processAs a business owner, you know that the times change - and quickly. An automated sales process helps you prepare for whatever the future may bring, whether it’s expansion, retirement, or selling your home improvement business. Don’t leave that future to lost opportunities because of slow estimate turnaround times.

Keep it Simple


Repeatable processes and templates allow estimates to get out much faster: More estimates, more jobs completed, more money in the bank; It's that simple.


Even better, you'll spend less time dealing with stacks of paper, notes, and manual tasks like organizing documents and files.

Think about it this way: if everyone's notes, estimates, and sales presentations are kept in the same digital hub, nothing can get lost or misfiled. Everything will be in the same place, in the same format, all the time. Amazing!

teamworkThe money-saving benefits don't end there, though. When new employees join the team, you'll be able to onboard more quickly - no more messy binders or learning on the fly. Your new employees will be able to get to work quickly and with more confidence.

Look Like a Pro 

A streamlined sales process is an easy way to impress and improve your customer relationships. A no-hassle sales process translates to more efficient work from your employees and less wait time for your busy customers. Add in cutting-edge sales technology such as easy photo collection, document sharing, and video call capabilities, and your customers will be confident in your team’s ability to deliver.screenshareOCC_Platform Solution

There’s no better time than now to start working on your sales process, and the right digital toolbox will set you up for streamlined, organized success. Learn how One Click Contractor can help with your business processes.

Transform Your Sales Process

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