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6 Sales Efficiency Tips That Could Save You $50k Per Month

One Click Contractor, Hatch, and Ingage join forces to share REAL TIPS that could save you $50k/month and drive efficiency throughout your sales process.

Why focus on efficiency now?

Some of the most costly parts of your business point back to your sales process and your sales team. By helping enable your sales team with the right process and the right digital tools, they’ll be able to run more appointments, close more jobs and make more money. Training will be less costly and a shorter process too. One Click Contractor, Hatch and Ingage have joined forces to share REAL TIPS that could save you $50k/month and drive efficiency, speed, and accuracy throughout your sales process. Check them out below.

Know your buyers & how they want to communicate.

One of the most integral parts of a sales process is understanding “WHO” you are selling to. We did some research and the two biggest buying groups for remodeling and exterior projects in 2020 were baby boomers and millennials.

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 5.44.47 PMMillennials made up 38% of the home buyer market with the average home being at least 39 years old and needing work. They don’t know how to fix it up, so they need your help. When communicating with millennials about their project, research shows they prefer to text their contractor versus talk on the phone.

Baby Boomers projects are also on the rise! In 2020 baby boomers made up 55% of the remodeling and repair requests. Contrary to popular belief, baby boomers are tech-savvy and 93% of them said they use email daily so be sure to utilize email as a communication method.

Book appointments fast without the back and forth.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 11-16-27 AM-png-1

Customers are 7x more likely to set an appointment if you respond to them within an hour and you are 21x more likely to close the job if you respond within 5 minutes. We know it’s not always feasible to answer every call so utilize a multitouch automated communication system like Hatch, that helps you respond FAST! Try a mix of different communication types - email, text, and voice to connect with your lead in minutes vs. hours.

Calculate your speed to lead with Hatch’s ROI tool.

"Warm" your appointments and set expectations.

Shave 15 minutes off the front of your appointments by using warming techniques to set expectations when the appointment is scheduled. Many contractors will email or text homeowners an Ingage presentation right after the appointment is set to introduce the person coming to their home and let them know what to prepare ahead of time. Will the contractor need access to certain areas of the home like the crawl space or need a space cleared out? See how this could look with Hatch and Ingage - check out the video.

Section2-Screen-Share-Agreement-1Make each salesperson 20% more effective during and after the sales appointment.

96% of homeowners surveyed preferred a virtual sales process over a traditional in-home appointment. Using One Click Contractor for virtual sales can help reps run more appointments and sell from anywhere. More appointments per rep = higher close rate.

See virtual sales in action in our 1-minute video.

Streamline your sales process with technology.

Gone are the days of using “paper” to manage your sales process. By using technology, you can manage your customer and job information from initial contact, through gathering job scope & creating an estimate, all the way through selling the job and collecting payment, all in one place. By ditching paper, you can sell 30% more jobs because you don’t have time to dig through a mountain of paperwork to get a quote out. Work smarter not harder - see how you can streamline your sales process with our FREE guide.


Make rehash stupid easy.

Rehashing jobs can add 7-10% to your close rate! We suggest a three-step approach: pull all unsold jobs from One Click Contractor or your CRM, segment leads out based on reason lost (lead disposition), and then launch them into an automated Hatch messaging campaign to re-engage and close the job!

Learn more about using Hatch for rehash. Looking for more rehash resources? Download our rehash eBook series which includes strategies and rehash scripts.

Interested in learning how you can implement these tips into your business?
Reach out to our team of experts - we’d be glad to help! 


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