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How Remote Measurements Can Save You Costly Mistakes

We’ve put together some ways you can stop losing your shirt on costly mistakes and actually increase profitability of your jobs.

Is your measurement or estimate process a few small errors away from costing you your profitability on a job? Misreading handwritten numbers, transposing numbers, inaccurate measurement calculations—almost all contractors have a story of a mistake that cost them big. 

The good news? Using remote measurements correctly can save you massive headaches, especially when there is no transcription necessary, and measurements are seamlessly integrated into your digital sales and estimation platform. 

We’ve put together some ways you can stop losing your shirt on costly mistakes and actually increase the profitability of your jobs. 

Measurements are pulled directly into the estimate

Import-Measurements-Screen-Man-Holding-iPadTransferring handwritten measurements into handwritten estimates is slow, inefficient, and not accurate---opening the door to mistakes. Inputting manual measurements into a digital system is a little better, but still an opportunity to create costly errors. Remote measurements are easier and more accurate than ever to get thanks to tools like RoofScope which uses aerial measurement technology to get you the measurements you need within hours.



When you collect measurements remotely through one of these integration partners or one of One Click Contractor’s proprietary measurement tools (available to all One Click Contractor customers at no additional cost), your measurements can be pulled into an estimate with a single click. This means no wasted time moving numbers over and no human error whether you’re measuring roofing, decking and fencing projects, windows, siding and more.

Measurements are streamlined among team members 

Large teams or multi-location operations can make customer data harder to keep organized when there’s not a single system of record. Especially when you have multiple roles on your team: Sales rep, estimator, production, etc. where different people need access to customer data in order to mark a job as complete. Remote measurements allow less paper to track down, and an easier way to access the accurate measurements no matter where you are. All you need is a tablet, laptop, or another device to log in and get the measurement info you need.

There’s a consistent measurement process

Work from any location anywhere.Standard, repeatable processes create a routine. Remote measurements are not only fast, giving you more time for bigger tasks that directly impact your bottom line, but they create a simple routine that cuts down on error and drives efficiency among team members. No different measurement approaches or human error reading and recording the numbers. 


It’s safer & more accurate Integrate remote measurements into your business.

Another form of costly mistakes? Accidents. No matter the training or experience, accidents on the job site can and do happen. Remote measurements are more accurate and cut down on the time your team members are on roofs or ladders collecting job scope, reducing the risk of an accident before a project even starts.

Spend more time in front of customers

With remote measurements, there are zero reasons for estimates to take days or more to get out to the customer. In fact, you can have an estimate built before you ever step foot on the property or give your sales presentation. The shortened time between measurement to estimate means more time to keep prospective customers engaged in the sales process and less time for them back out or go with someone else. 

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