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Enhance Your Bids with One Click Contractor's Estimating Software

Create accurate and compelling bathroom bids with our industry-leading estimating software, designed specifically for contractors seeking an edge.

Winning contracts in the competitive world of bathroom remodeling requires accuracy and efficiency. One Click Contractor's precision estimating software allows you to do just that.

This cutting-edge tool helps you generate detailed bids quickly, using factual data to eliminate guesswork. By streamlining your tasks, it not only saves up to 10 hours a week but also impresses clients with professional presentations of cost estimates.

Stay ahead in the game by leveraging technology specifically designed for the remodeling industry. Small remodeling businesses and large construction firms alike benefit from a systematic sales platform that enhances profitability and project management.

The software's robust features cover all aspects necessary for creating successful bids—from calculation to client presentation—making One Click Contractor an invaluable asset for every remodeling contractor aiming to secure more contracts with unparalleled precision.

Why Traditional Methods Fall Short

Traditional bathroom estimating methods often rely heavily on manual calculations and a bit of guesswork. Contractors usually spend hours poring over paper sketches, measuring with tape measures, jotting down notes, and trying to remember past project costs.

This process opens the door to human error and inconsistencies because every detail hinges on individual experience and memory recall. Missed measurements or misjudged material prices can lead to inaccurate bids that either cost the contractor profit margins or push clients away due to high estimates.

creating an estimate for a remodel

Furthermore, these outdated practices make it challenging to account for unexpected changes in material pricing or availability. A lack of real-time data can turn what seems like a well-calculated proposal into an unprofitable project quickly if not constantly revised by eye-straining insights into piles of paperwork.

In contrast, specialized software like the solutions provided at One Click equip contractors with tools designed specifically for efficiency in construction estimating.

Moving from traditional methods to innovative digital solutions offers transformative benefits – paving the way for enhanced accuracy in bathroom remodeling quotes that secure more contracts while saving valuable time each week.

The Rise of Specialized Estimating Software

As the construction industry evolves, specialized estimating software has become a game-changer for remodeling contractors. Businesses are now turning to solutions like One Click to ensure their bathroom remodeling bids stand out.

This advanced technology enables precise estimates, pulling from your customized database of materials and costs that support real-time accuracy in pricing.

an example of the Smart Interiors remodel software

Contractors find these innovative tools invaluable for cutting down task times by up to 10 hours per week. With features such as bathroom remodel estimating capabilities, contractors can swiftly create more accurate and competitive bids.

The benefits extend into client interactions as well; detailed and clear cost presentations help boost trust and transparency with potential clients. Plus, user-friendly integrations mean that adjusting estimates or accessing customer service becomes simpler than ever before — an essential consideration in today's fast-paced business environment. 

One Click Contractor vs. Cedreo

Choosing the right bathroom estimating software can transform how you secure contracts and manage projects. Two leading options stand out in the market: One Click Contractor and Cedreo. Below, we compare their features, ease of use, and efficiency to assist you in making an informed decision.


One Click Contractor


Precision Estimating

Provides detailed cost breakdowns for accurate bidding

Offers 3D rendering but less focused on detailed estimating

Time Efficiency

Cuts tasks by up to 10 hours a week

Streamlines design process but not specifically estimating tasks

Bathroom Estimating

Included as a specific feature for bathroom projects

Not a primary focus of the software

Data-Driven Bids

Utilizes factual data for bid creation

Focuses on visual presentations to support bids

Cost Presentation

Enhances client presentations with clear estimates

Provides impressive 3D visualizations for client pitches


Offers remote and AI measurements for faster and accurate takeoffs

Does not specify takeoff capabilities

Integrations & Support

Extensive customer service and software integrations

Limited details on integrations and support for estimating

Focus Area

Specializes in home remodeling with emphasis on bathroom projects

Concentrates on home design with broader scope

When analyzing both One Click Contractor and Cedreo, it's clear that One Click Contractor is tailored to support the specific needs of bathroom remodeling contractors. With its detailed estimating capabilities, time-saving features, and dedicated plumbing software, it stands out as the go-to option for those targeting precision and efficiency in their bidding processes. 

Cedreo offers strong design tools, but for contractors seeking software that supports all aspects of the estimating and project management process, One Click Contractor emerges as the more comprehensive choice.

Key Features of One Click Contractor

After comparing One Click Contractor with Cedreo, it’s time to look into the standout features of One Click Contractor’s estimating software. Here's what makes this software a must-have for remodeling contractors:

  1. Customizable Templates: Tailor your estimates to specific project requirements, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.
  2. Detailed Cost Breakdowns: Provide comprehensive breakdowns of labor, materials, and overhead costs to clients for transparent communication.
  3. Seamless Client Communication: Communicate directly with clients through the platform, sharing estimates and updates effortlessly.
  4. Professional Presentations: Present your company in the most professional way possible with your own literature and proposals.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Easily integrate the software with existing tools such as QuickBooks for streamlined project management.
  6. Credit Card, ACH or Financing: Offer multiple ways for clients to pay on their terms right in the platform. 

How to Get Started with One Click Contractor

To get started with One Click Contractor's estimating software follow these steps:

      1. Visit the One Click Contractor website and sign up for a demo.
      2. One Click’s customer success representative will walk you through the tool to see if One Click is the right fit for your business.
      3. When you decide to move forward with us, you will need to provide us with the following to begin onboarding, don’t worry, our team rocks at this:
            • Pricing
            • Agreement Documents
            • Logo 
      4. We will provide you with all the necessary training and support needed for Admin and Sales.
      5. You can expect to be up and running within days,  selling more jobs in less time. 

Using One Click will not only save time but also improve the accuracy of cost estimates. Make the switch today and experience how this powerful tool can help you secure more contracts while maximizing efficiency.

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