Do's and Don'ts for a Killer Virtual Presentation

Learn how to create a killer virtual presentation just like your in-home presentation. See the Do's and Don't for virtual presentations

Times are changing! We know contractors have worked hard to create a good impression with your in-home sales presentation, but what about your virtual process? Before prepping for a killer in-person presentation included, wearing the right shirt, showing up on time, how you presented yourself, your company’s key differentiator, etc. How do customers see your virtual sales presentation? Now the game has changed and contractors only have a tiny screen to exude confidence and help close the deal. Some contractors are left scratching their heads.   Mastering your virtual presentation just like you’ve done so in-person will help you excel and meet customers' needs. 

Having a killer virtual presentation requires two things, methodology and technology. Technology is nothing without a well-developed method and a methodology is nothing without reliable technology. Keep your personal sales process and method but switch to the virtual platform with 1 & 2-call closes. 

We’ll explore some of the dos and don’ts of creating a killer virtual presentation.


Don’t have an unreliable virtual platform: Familiarizing yourself and having working technology are key for the best homeowner experience - you don't want to fumble in front of homeowners

Don’t get lost during  your virtual presentation: Fumbling and bumbling while in the middle of your presentation can cost you the job because the homeowner might think you’re either unprepared or unprofessional

Don't make the homeowner stick to a traditional timeframe to meet: Only offering the traditional 8-5 timeframe to meet boxes the homeowner in and maybe isn’t convenient for them. Homeowners are more apt to buy from someone who offers flexibility in their appointment times.

Don’t try to cobble together your virtual presentation solution: Buying and bolting on a video/screen share communication platform, presentations, and estimation/pricing sheets can make you look unprofessional to the homeowner. When you have everything pulled up on your screen and you’re presenting, this can include switching amongst lots of different tabs, a PowerPoint deck and a pricing sheet where you can easily make an error in showing the wrong tab or screen and show something that could cost you the job.



Use reliable video conferencing technology: Ensure the technology platform you choose to use for your virtual selling is stable and reliable. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a presentation and having your Zoom account kick everyone off or make it way too difficult for the homeowner to connect to the meeting. 

Use recorded video content to present your business to the homeowner: Videos stay with the homeowner better than words alone. Play a video during your virtual presentation to have a different way to show the homeowner that you’re the best company for the job. 

Show homeowners you’re a real person: Make sure you turn on your video at the beginning of the presentation to introduce yourself to the homeowner and help them put a face with a name and a voice (because you’ve probably only spoken over the phone).

Be flexible in your meeting time and location: By offering a virtual appointment it is much easier for homeowners to meet with you in the evening, maybe after kids have gone to bed. Be flexible on your meeting time to accommodate the homeowner’s schedule. This flexibility also translates into having both the husband and wife in the same meeting even if they are not in the same location! 

Have one platform that does it all: Use one platform that meets all your needs when it comes to virtual selling. Sales productivity platforms like One Click Contractor can help you go from acquiring a lead all the way through to closing the job and collecting payment. It also has built-in features like screen share and video conferencing built right in allowing you to not be fumbling switching tabs or dealing with crashing Zoom meetings. The slickness of having it all in one place allows you to seamlessly move from one stage of your sales process and will make you look like a true professional. 

A few bonus pro tips: 

How to successfully sell virtually today: Run your sales process in one place, so you’re not fumbling between multiple systems. Confidence is key when presenting your sales process virtually for the first time. Adopt a winning strategy, use flexible install date discounts to fill the schedule, and advertise everywhere that you offer top-of-the-line virtual appointments!  

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers

So the moral of the story is - make that first impression great! Wow your potential customers with your smooth streamlined virtual presentation! 

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