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Successful Remote Selling in 2022 and Beyond

Learn 3 ways to successfully sell in 2022 and beyond. Selling has never been this easy. Imagine your entire sales process done remotely!

Selling has never been this easy. Imagine your entire sales process done remotely!

With the powerful One Click sales software platform, you have the ability to present design options, close the deal, and collect payment virtually from the comfort of your home office or ANY remote location. Does your customer need financing options? Not a problem!

#1 Remotely Collect Measurements and Create Estimates

Use technology to collect measurements from a third-party partner like EagleView or Hover, or any of One Click Contractor’s proprietary measurement tools inside our platform (at no additional cost). Then, easily push those measurements into our platform with one click.

You can finish an estimate in 3 minutes or less.


#2 Virtually Sell the Job


It may sound too good to be true, but it really is possible to sell your jobs remotely from literally anywhere. Virtually present options, discuss designs, finalize the estimate, and do it all whenever and where ever you decide.

You can also get the added benefit of screen share which is included free with your One Click Contractor subscription.


#3 Remotely Close the Job and Collect Payment Digitally

You’ve presented your customers with their options, included a customized estimate, and emailed them a beautiful agreement. Your customer can now easily sign their agreement digitally.

Once the agreement is signed, you can use the same platform to effortlessly collect payments and offer financing with the click of a button.

Get ready to make 2022 your BEST year ever!

If you want to learn more about One Click Contractor and remote selling, check out our recent podcast with Contractor Appointments all about how the past couple of years have impacted the contractor's sales process for the long term.


Transform Your Sales Process

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