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Virtual Sales Step by Step (Webinar Recap)

Everything is right there inside the One Click Contractor platform and the tool takes you through virtual selling step by step.

Takeaways from our webinar with Paul Burleson and Nate Teicher:

1. Customers want different ways to shop

2. The benefits of selling virtually

3. How to run 5 appointments in a day instead of 2




Thoughts from Nate:

"I struggled for years. How can I be in front of MORE customers? I can only be in so many homes at one time. There is the drive time and all the logistics, and I'm just ONE guy! But now, our numbers are better than ever! Half of the customers still prefer virtual, even post-Covid."



"I sold a $57,000 job last week, and we were the 5th quote. My customer said, 'I am buying from you because you’re showing me stuff no one else would.'"

"It's all about speed and efficiency. That's the name of the game."



Thoughts from Paul:

With virtual selling...

"You can have multiple offices and work in multiple places. You can make more calls, see more people, and connect with more people than ever before."

"Once people realize the capability of this tool, you overcome their fears."

"Speed to the Lead is the key. This isn’t like the 80’s and 90’s when I started. You’re seeing a change in the time it takes to sell people. The advantage of One Click is that it brings everything together in ONE tool. It’s ALL integrated, so you can import measurements, all the contracts are there, and you have the live view which is unique to One Click."

"Everything is right there inside the One Click platform, and the tool takes you through it step by step."


Final thoughts:

Paul Burleson From Paul - 

"If you don’t embrace technology today, you will die, and there is NOBODY who can help you bridge that journey better than One Click Contractor. They are the masters of it! This is the only complete one-step process for remote virtual selling."



Nate Teicher

From Nate - 

"One Click is the answer. There is NOTHING like it. There is no other better option. It’s the best…period."



The One Click Contractor team focuses on helping busy contractors such as yourself sell with ease. Learn more about how our digital toolbox can help you save time and grow your business.

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