A: One Click is a sales platform designed specifically for renovation contractors. It makes measuring, estimating, bidding, signing contracts and financing easy all-in-one tool.

A: It is a light CRM but integrates well with industry leading CRM’s like JobNimbus and Salesforce.

A: One Click is a web based application that works on all devices with internet access. An offline version is available for Ipad users.

A: One Click requires users to import their own price database. Our customer success team will help you get up and running fast with your personalized price database. One Click has partnered with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and has access to catalogs including GAF, BCI, LP Smartside and Royal Building Products.

A: It can but it’s really not our sweet spot.

A: The insurance industry often relies on very specific pricing for claim restorations. If your pricing is in alignment with industry costs then the pushback from adjusters will be reduced. There are several features built into One Click that would help the sales process go smoother regardless of where the estimate is generated.

A: You are good at your trade, we are good at making software work for contractors.  You will be supported by people who understand the remodeling industry and make onboarding a breeze. One Click is committed to helping you grow your business by developing a new sales process that will save you time and make you more money.

A: Yes One Click integrates with several processing services that allow contractors to get paid fast.

A: We offer HomeVest Finance right in the tool with credit limits up to $100,000.

A: One Click integrates with several other finance products like Greensky, Acorn and Sunlight.

A: Where here to help you grow your business, not nickel and dime you. It’s our pleasure in supporting you free of charge.

A: When you have your contracts and pricelist ready, your personalized sales platform can be completed in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

A: One Click subscription is billed monthly per user.

A: 1 year subscription billed monthly.

A: Bulk user subscriptions are available for enterprise customers.

A: You can change forms, contracts, branding and pricing without major code changes.