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A: One Click is a sales platform designed specifically for renovation contractors. It makes measuring, estimating, bidding, signing contracts and financing easy all-in-one tool.

A: It is a light CRM but integrates well with industry leading CRM’s like JobNimbus and Salesforce.

A: One Click is a web based application that works on all devices with internet access. An offline version is available for Ipad users.

A: One Click requires users to import their own price database. Our customer success team will help you get up and running fast with your personalized price database. One Click has partnered with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and has access to catalogs including GAF, BCI, LP Smartside and Royal Building Products.

A: It can but it’s really not our sweet spot.

A: The insurance industry often relies on very specific pricing for claim restorations. If your pricing is in alignment with industry costs then the pushback from adjusters will be reduced. There are several features built into One Click that would help the sales process go smoother regardless of where the estimate is generated.

A: You are good at your trade, we are good at making software work for contractors.  You will be supported by people who understand the remodeling industry and make onboarding a breeze. One Click is committed to helping you grow your business by developing a new sales process that will save you time and make you more money.

A: Yes One Click integrates with several processing services that allow contractors to get paid fast.

A: We offer HomeVest Finance right in the tool with credit limits up to $100,000.

A: One Click integrates with several other finance products like Greensky, Acorn and Sunlight.

A: Where here to help you grow your business, not nickel and dime you. It’s our pleasure in supporting you free of charge.

A: When you have your contracts and pricelist ready, your personalized sales platform can be completed in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

A: One Click subscription is billed monthly per user.

A: 1 year subscription billed monthly.

A: Bulk user subscriptions are available for enterprise customers.

A: You can change forms, contracts, branding and pricing without major code changes.

  • 2022 is already shaping to be another exciting and eventful year for the home remodeling industry. At One Click Contractor, we will prepare you for what's ahead in the new year and share some fantastic improvements, including new tools that will help you maximize your sales efforts and close more deals. Check them out below!

  • At One Click Contractor, our culture is fueled by the enthusiasm of our employees. We pride ourselves in having a workplace that’s fun, engaging, and innovative, with a smart and motivated team that loves coming to work every day (either in-person or virtually); a team that truly makes magic happen. 

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    Point of sale financing is a phrase that might be new to you, but it is one you will likely start hearing a lot more. As emerging technology has transformed the consumer finance landscape over the past decade, point of sale financing has emerged as an attractive option for homeowners to fund home improvement projects. Instead of reaching for their credit cards or paying cash, more and more homeowners expect contractors to offer alternative ways to finance their purchases.

    Contractors that already offer financing at the point of sale have discovered that this is a great way to close deals faster. Here are 3 great reasons why you should take advantage of point-of-sale financing (and why you should work with HomeVest Finance).

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    Have you noticed more companies advertising or approaching you about new ways to finance projects for your customers? It seems everywhere you look companies are offering customers new ways to finance their purchases. While point of sale lending is not necessarily a new thing, it has seen a reemergence in popularity in recent years. Perhaps you're thinking:

    Why should I offer this type of financing?
    How will it help my business?
    How do I navigate the choices and decide what platform is best for my business?

    Offering home improvement financing is only a good idea if we know who is buying new homes. Many of us still think of millennials as twenty-something kids, and we tend to forget that older millennials are pushing forty these days.

    FUN FACT: According to The National Association of Realtors in Homebuyer & Seller Generational Trends in 2019, millennials are the largest percentage of homebuyers across generations at 37%. In addition, they also report that millennials are more likely to take advantage of new technology.

    DID YOU KNOW? A whopping 81% of millennials who purchased a home in 2019 found their home through a mobile app.


    DID YOU KNOW? 76% of all homebuyers found their new home through a mobile app, regardless of age.

    So why does that matter to you?

    New homeowners are used to certain conveniences when researching their options and making transactions. This new generation of homeowners has come to expect near-instant gratification when finding products and services they want. They are also likely to expect the same kind of accessibility when financing the purchases they want to make.


    How to stay competitive in this market: Offer your customers financing that requires less work in regards to application and delivering fast results.

    Point of sales financing 

    Whether you already have a lender you work with or not, it could be time to reconsider your financing strategy and see what is out there.

    As more financing companies emerge promising the best rates and terms or the easiest application process, you may start to feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. It is vital to work with a company you can trust, allowing you to offer competitive financing and an easy application process. 


    HomeVest Finance has an easy-to-use solution that offers affordable financing options for homeowners across the entire credit spectrum. The HomeVest multi-lender platform allows you to prequalify homeowners for financing without affecting their credit. To learn more, reach out to

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  • At One Click Contractor, our culture is fueled by the enthusiasm of our employees. We pride ourselves in having a workplace that’s fun, engaging, and innovative, with a smart and motivated team that loves coming to work every day (either in-person or virtually); a team that truly makes magic happen. 

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    Did you know?!

    People check social media to see reviews and updates on your business.



    A social media presence is becoming a NECESSITY these days. Even if you prefer doing things old school, there is NO denying that social media works in building brand awareness. Many people think they can't get qualified leads through social media.

    Visual content can be powerful, especially in the home improvement industry. 

    5 Powerhouse Tips:

    1. Be consistent

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    Your branding and handles should be the same across ALL social platforms so that you are easily recognized and found. However, you DO NOT need to be active on every platform! 

    Choose 2-3 that you are comfortable with and feel can best reach your potential clients. Then, post across your chosen platforms at least three times a week.


    2. Use hashtags

    1. Using hashtags can increase your engagement and boost likes, shares, and comments. Photo (3)
    2. They save you time by letting you find specific content faster. For example, if you post an image of a newly remodeled, using #kitchenremodel can help your post gain more visibility from users looking for inspiration.

    3. It would help if you kept your hashtags short and without any symbols.

    3. Share a mix of content

    1. Photo (4)While you do want to self-promote, here's how to mix it up a bit:
    •    1. Share articles and blogs specific to your industry 
    •    2. Post before and after photos of your work
    •    3. Ask clients for testimonials to post with images
    •    4. Post photos of progress you’ve made on a project
    •    BONUS: You could throw in some light, humorous posts as well

    4. Network, communicate and stay active

    1. Photo (5)
    2. Ask clients to leave reviews. Invite family, friends, and employees to like your page.
    3. DO NOT be discouraged if you don’t have a big following right away. Building your network takes time! Stay active and respond to comments and reviews, both positive and negative ones. Let your audience know that you care and are engaged, rather than just posting things to be seen.

    5. Make use of a social media dashboard

    Photo (7)Use a platform like Loomly or Hootsuite to manage your accounts. As you become more comfortable with social media, you can add more social media platforms to your mix and manage all your accounts in ONE place.

    Social media can be daunting. If you're new at it, DO NOT be shy about asking for help!


    The bottom line:

    Get your company's name out there and let people know what you do and that you do it well!

  • HomeAdvisor-July-Newsletter-HeaderIn a world where good leads are scarce, you need to make the most out of every potential customer who raises their hand to show interest. 

    HomeAdvisor and One Click Contractor have teamed up to provide contractors with strategies to efficiently capture and work a lead through the entire sales funnel, all while utilizing technology to enable your virtual or in-home sales process.

  • You love the traditional in-home sales process where you meet homeowners face-to-face. You also might think that an in-home sales presentation and your presence at their home increases your close rate...right? 

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    Why focus on efficiency now? Some of the most costly parts of your business point back to your sales process and your sales team. By helping enable your sales team with the right process and the right digital tools, they’ll be able to run more appointments, close more jobs and make more money.

  • Digital-Toolbelt-MeasurementsAs a contractor, you know that each step of the sales process is important, from initial customer engagement to the final handshake when the job is done. We asked successful contractors from across the country how One Click Contractor’s platform has revolutionized their approach to everything from sales presentations to maintaining customer relationships.

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    Did you know? 96% of homeowners don’t really want you in their home (and that was even before COVID entered the picture a couple of years ago).

    Have you asked yourself, can I really sell roofing online? As contractors, we love seeing a homeowner face-to-face, seeing their home in person, getting measurements, and taking pictures with our phone, camera, or tablet.

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    If you want your business to grow, you can’t wait for customers to fall in your lap – you and your employees must be ready and able to find new prospects and sell them on yourselves.

    Strategies at a glance

  • Rich and Dale dig into how technology like One Click Contractor's sales software help home improvement contractors estimate faster with less mistakes consistently every time. One Click was designed by contractors for contractors to be your platform for the

  • First is was problems with cargo ships not getting offloaded in Q3, and now truckers are fighting back against vaccine mandates in both Canada and the United States.

    Get a more in-depth analysis of the recent trends in the construction industry with this month's Construction Market Watch. We've included market prices, overall construction confidence, remodeling activity in Q4 2021, and more!

  • It's easy to fall into a repeatable pattern of sales, which can be good when you're talking about creating a consistent, smooth flow for when you first engage a homeowner to closing the deal. However, your sales presentation and pitch can quickly start to sound and look similar to others, causing prospects to automatically respond with a set of pre-scripted answers that don't help your sales process. If you want a one-call close, you need to stand out from the crowd.

  • If you're worried about building material trends, it's likely to get worse! Get a more in-depth analysis of the recent trends in the construction industry with this month's Construction Market Watch. We have included details on construction growth by state, material price trends, remodeling activity in Q3, and more!

  • Thank you for visiting our August product updates blog. Take a look at what One Click has been up to this month, shared with you by our Sales Manager, Jimmy Hammond.

  • Thank you for visiting our June product updates blog. Take a look at what One Click has been up to this month, shared with you by our Sales Manager, Jimmy Hammond.

  • Improve your close rate, take on more customers, and make more money with One Click Contractor's powerful all-in-one sales platform. The only software solution you need to drive efficiency, accuracy, and speed to streamline and simplify the contractor sales process.

    Learn how you can:
    Better sales process = More closed jobs + Higher profits

  • Learn how easy it is to measure siding from a photo from anywhere! Increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed in your estimation process by using One Click Contractor. We make it easy to get an estimate out FAST!