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More Closed Jobs.
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Improve your close rate, take on more customers, and make more money with
One Click Contractor's powerful all-in-one sales platform. The only software solution you need to drive efficiency, accuracy, and speed to streamline and simplify the contractor sales process.

It’s as easy as Connect. Click. Complete.


Pulling together all of the different technology systems a contractor uses into one centralized place for easy access, allowing sales to focus on selling, instead of sifting through multiple technology solutions.


Tedious processes are simplified with just the click of a button. When making the transition from paper to digital, contractors can easily move from collecting measurements to creating estimates to personalized agreements, all with a single click.


Focus on profits, not paperwork. Completing each step of the sales process faster allows contractors to do more jobs and make more money with significantly less manual effort.

The Complete End-To-End Sales Process

One complete sales productivity solution from capturing a lead to collecting customer payment.

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Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it; see how One Click Contractor has transformed contractor’s businesses.

“We are currently saving between 7-10 hours a week of office administrative time by having our sales team work out of a sales estimation platform. One Click Contractor has saved us thousands of dollars in over/underestimating, which allows our sales team to be more effective and efficient with every estimate they send out. It’s easy, simple and fast my Dad could use it!”

Jonathon Broce
Managing Partner, Meredith Home Improvements

“Our sales team loves One Click Contractor because it gives them a tool that can quickly and accurately price any job for a potential client. This process used to take hours to price, calculate, and then lay out onto a templated estimate. We are now able to provide better quality and more professional looking estimates. In fact, one of the common things we hear from our customers is one of the reasons they selected us was how professional our estimate looked. I would recommend One Click Contractor to anyone looking to simplify their estimation process!”

Calvin Gray
VP/Partner, Absolute Outdoor Living

“One Click customer support more than exceeded my expectations, especially when compared to other sales platforms which we abandoned due to the complexity, frustration, and lack of responsiveness of the customer service team.”

Gary Iskra
Chief Operating Officer/COO, Capital Construction LLC

“One Click Contractor has made it so easy to present information virtually, even more efficiently than it would be able to present in person. We have had several homeowners trusting us to work on their homes whom we have never even met until we come onsite to complete the job.”

“We have had a homeowner who was in Texas and their spouse was in Ireland at the time when the estimate and proposal were created. One Click Contractor helped us connect with them in two vastly different locations and close a job to do work on their home, all without ever meeting in person or the two parties being in the same location.”

Paul Trautmann
Owner, Timberland Exteriors

Contractor Resource Center

Whether you’re seeking business tips or want insight on home improvement industry trends, you can count on One Click Contractor to provide expert information and advice as well as tools & tips to drive efficiency, injecting speed and accuracy into your sales process.

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