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  • HomeAdvisor-July-Newsletter-HeaderIn a world where good leads are scarce, you need to make the most out of every potential customer who raises their hand to show interest. 

    HomeAdvisor and One Click Contractor have teamed up to provide contractors with strategies to efficiently capture and work a lead through the entire sales funnel, all while utilizing technology to enable your virtual or in-home sales process.

  • You love the traditional in-home sales process where you meet homeowners face-to-face. You also might think that an in-home sales presentation and your presence at their home increases your close rate...right? 

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    Why focus on efficiency now? Some of the most costly parts of your business point back to your sales process and your sales team. By helping enable your sales team with the right process and the right digital tools, they’ll be able to run more appointments, close more jobs and make more money.

  • Digital-Toolbelt-MeasurementsAs a contractor, you know that each step of the sales process is important, from initial customer engagement to the final handshake when the job is done. We asked successful contractors from across the country how One Click Contractor’s platform has revolutionized their approach to everything from sales presentations to maintaining customer relationships.

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    Did you know? 96% of homeowners don’t really want you in their home (and that was even before COVID entered the picture a couple of years ago).

    Have you asked yourself, can I really sell roofing online? As contractors, we love seeing a homeowner face-to-face, seeing their home in person, getting measurements, and taking pictures with our phone, camera, or tablet.

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    If you want your business to grow, you can’t wait for customers to fall in your lap – you and your employees must be ready and able to find new prospects and sell them on yourselves.

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