What Makes Us Different

One Click Contractor offers a virtual sales productivity platform for the home improvement industry designed to make all contractors incredibly successful. In addition to providing a robust and software application, we support our customers in a very unique and powerful way.

The End-to-End Contractor Sales and Productivity Platform

Streamline your entire workflow from measurement to creating the estimate, to closing the job, all IN THE SAME SYSTEM. No more time-consuming point solutions when you make the move to the ONE SYSTEM that can do it all at for you — One Click Contractor.

Helping Contractors Make the Move From Paper to Digital

By making the transition from paper to digital, you can easily deliver an accurate, professional, and customized sales process containing all of the estimates, contracts, and presentations you put in front of a homeowner.

Why transition from paper to digital?

Most customers are saying NO THANKS to the time-consuming and often confusing old generic three-part carbonless agreement. Don’t your customers deserve more than a generic three-part carbonless form with your chicken scratch on it? YES, Absolutely! Since they are likely spending thousands of dollars or more, they want to feel that their job, design preferences, and their homes are special. You have the power through the One Click Contractor sales process by using our enhanced tools to achieve a special outcome for them!

Start selling virtually - FAST with our 2-step onboarding process

With our 2-step onboarding process, we get your business set-up so you can start selling within 48 hours

Get up and running in hours (48 or less)! Don’t wait weeks or months to start selling virtually when you can jump start your business NOW.

With One Click Contractor’s 2-step hands-on onboarding process, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Save time. Save money. Start selling virtually. Save your business, And allow it to thrive. Learn more about our proven process:

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Step 1: Quick Start

We get your business up and selling virtually - FAST! Within 48 hours you’ll be able to:

  • Manage leads
  • Order and import remote measurements.
  • Measure off of photos (included FREE)
  • Use our FREE proprietary measurement tools to measure windows, siding, roofing, decking and fencing
  • Utilize design tools to bring your customer’s dreams to life.
  • Present over FREE built in screen share
  • Organize and easily keep track of client information (included FREE).
  • Create and send Digital Estimates
  • Send digital agreements
  • Use e-signature to get your agreement signed fast
  • Get Paid - Collect payment through
  • ACH, Credit Card or offer Financing
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Step 2: Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency with Automatic Estimates and Beautiful Customized Agreements

Now that you’re selling virtually, you’re probably ready for a more automated and tailored estimation experience, upgrade to One Click Contractor’s amazing automated estimator. Go from estimate to agreement with the click of a button.

Since you’ll already have set up the mission critical portions of your One Click Contractor account in the Quick Start onboarding process, now it's time to automate. We will:

  • Take your current price list, including the products you sell and customize your estimator to enable you to automatically create estimates
  • Link your measurement to estimates, allowing you to go from measurements to estimates in one click
  • Convert your contracts, and terms and conditions, and then customize them to fit your specific business needs
  • Enable you to create beautiful customized agreements unique to each customer job - automatically with the click of a button

You and your sales team will be empowered to expedite the sales process with visibility, consistency and greatly improved efficiency on every job.

Ready to start selling virtually in 48 Hours?

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Access Your Business Everywhere

Our sales productivity platform allows for automatic real-time updates EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME. You choose how you want to access your platform through either a web application or an Android or iOS app.

Create an Estimate in 3 Minutes or Less

Time is Money, Do the Math

A faster more efficient sales process means a contractor can do more jobs and make more money. Would you trade your multi-hour estimate process to be done in less than 3 minutes?

Our goal is to equip contractors with solutions that will help them be more efficient and drive additional profit into their business. By taking your existing sales process and leveraging it within One Click Contractor, this 3 min (or less) estimation process is immediately within reach.

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