How It Works

Let’s take a deeper look into some of the features and functionality available from One Click Contractors sales productivity platform.

One Click Contractor Platform Features

One Click Contractor connects all the different technologies a contractor uses together providing an easy to use platform that allows contractors to sell either remotely or in-person. Our revolutionary platform creates one powerful end to end solution driving your business forward.


Lead Assignment

Pull in leads from any source into your instance of One Click Contractor, allowing your sales team to run their entire sales process inside One Click Contractor.


Enable Virtual Selling

Incorporate product, pricing, visualization, and estimation allowing you to be clear throughout the entire sales process, thereby building trust and reliability. Screen share is included free, enabling expanded reach and training.


Organize and Collect Customer Information (CRM)

Keep all your leads and customer information organized with our built-in "CRM Lite" functionality. For those companies who are just getting started or those that don't currently have a CRM, we’ve got you covered. If you already have a CRM, we will simply integrate with it and be able to push data to it (such as after a customer agrees to a new job), or pull data from it (like leads or appointments).



Photos can be uploaded by the salesperson, data collector or the homeowner themselves.

Even before you get into the customer's home, to see if you can text a link to take some photos. This enables you to get insight into the potential job before you even set foot in their home.

All photos are stored are saved according to customer and job, and they can be applied to a proposal or agreement by checking the appropriate boxes.


Remote Measurements

Easily pull in remote measurements or manually enter measurements and push them to estimates with one click.

Additionally, leverage any of One Click Contractors proprietary measurement tools inside the platform at no additional cost. These measurement tools include the ability to measure windows, pools, roofing, siding, gutters, decking and fencing.



Bring homeowner’s vision to life with design visualization software like Hover, Renoworks + more, all integrated into one place.


Faster Estimates

Clear, consistent, and fast estimates anytime, anywhere. Create estimations that include the manufacturer product list, pricing, measurements, product photos, and descriptions, all at your fingertips.


Digitally Sign

Easily allow customers to sign on-screen or through email with SignNow integration producing legal signatures (included at no additional cost).


Create Beautiful Agreements

Move seamlessly from estimate to agreement in an interactive environment for both you and the homeowner resulting in a custom-tailored agreement


Get Paid

Effortlessly collect payments with the click of a button using our integration. Now you can create efficiencies and improved cash flow including your presentation of financing options.

See Our Solution in Action

Allow homeowners to sign on-screen or email agreements for digital signature.

Customers can pay securely with a credit card.

Offer financing options.

Import and work leads from manufacturers or lead aggregators.

Produce inventory lists.

Create beautiful agreements with the click of a button.

Enable remote selling through screen share.

Provide transparency into what’s going on at the kitchen table with our Owner’s View (history tab).

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