Our Solutions Provide Unique Value Through the Entire Production Chain

One Click Contractor’s solutions enable manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to provide superior experiences that will positively impact the entire production chain, resulting in improved customer experience, more jobs, and increased revenue.


We Support:


Providing Real-Time Visibility, Deeper Relationships, and Creating a More Loyal Network for Manufacturers

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Create a New Class of Data & Transparency

We provide each manufacturer with real-time visibility and data showing how your products are being positioned and sold at the kitchen table. This newly created data will drive the decisions a manufacturer makes (marketing, sales, and product development) and utilize data that has never existed before.

Building a Contractor Network

Create a 1:1 relationship with contractors who buy a manufacturer’s products by providing an outlet for feedback which includes helping you build a contractor database for marketing efforts.

Providing Visibility Into Conversations at the Kitchen Table

Our solution gives manufacturers the ability to help control the presentation of their products providing visibility into point of sale.

Differentiate Your Brand to Your Contractor Network

Enables manufacturers to build a more loyal network by providing an additional value add to the businesses they work with. We will add your product brochures and presentations directly into the platform, allowing easy access to your marketing materials for contractors to include in proposals to homeowners.

Distribute Leads to Contractors

Collect and distribute homeowner leads directly from your website or landing page to your contractor network through an automated process directly into a contractor’s instance of One Click Contractor.


Facilitating Distributors to Support Contractors in the Field, Easily Place Orders, and Document Product Delivery With Photos

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Virtual Sales Desk & Remote Selling, Closing and Training

Assist your contractors with selling by creating a virtual sales desk for your contractors to collaborate when they call in from the field or want to check the inventory status of a particular product and with take-offs. Virtual sales tools can also help sales, data collectors and contractors with remote selling, remote closing and remote training in the field.

Help Contractors To Sell More Products

The One Click Contractor platform helps distributors manage all your price lists, so you can quickly update prices for all the contractors who buy products from you. By loading in the MSRP for the products you sell, making it easy for contractors to add their pricing multiplier and start selling!

Additionally, we load your marketing materials allowing contractors to include in their proposals and agreements when selling your products to homeowners with the click of a button

Easily Place Orders

Within One Click Contractor, a contractor can export a line item product list or a PDF order list allowing them to easily order products for a new customer job.

Document Delivery with Photos

Leverage job photos to document the delivery of materials as well as the site or property condition (driveway, yard, etc.). These photos will be saved directly in the homeowner’s One Click Contractor customer file for reference regarding that specific job.

Leveraging Job Photos

Job photos can also be used for real-time problem-solving. A contractor can contact a distributor with a photo for a potential job and the distributor could then be an additional resource to call on for complex or challenging jobs.


Enabling Efficiency, Accuracy, and Speed to Streamline a Contractor’s Sales Process

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The Complete End-to-End Sales and Productivity Solution for Contractors

Contractors can streamline their entire workflow from measurement to creating the estimate, to closing and financing the job, all in the same system. Keeping all the important information related to each job together in one place, allowing contractors to focus on their craft rather than organizing paperwork.

Making the Move from Paper to Digital

90%+ of contractors are still using 3-part carbonless forms for estimates & proposals. One Click Contractor’s solution helps contractors to move from paper to digital enabling you to conduct your entire sales process from your laptop or tablet resulting in improved close rates.

Estimate Faster and Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Increasing productivity allows for 10-30% reduction in sales commissions costs since each salesman can take on more appointments, sell more jobs, and create estimates all with the click of a button.

Reduce Costly travel Time and Improve Efficiency

By leveraging the capabilities of the One Click Contractor Platform, contractors are able to significantly reduce travel time, travel expenses, labor hours, quoting costs, and invoicing fees. You’re able to maximize your time by remotely connecting with potential consumers before they even set foot on-site through our photo collection process and by connecting with the customer virtually.

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