Virtually Measure Windows & Doors Easily Without Costly Errors

Utilize remote measurement technology from One Click Contractor’s patent-pending window and door measurement estimation tool - included free with your subscription.

Quickly and easily estimate windows remotely or in-person using One Click Contractor’s proprietary window and door measurement tool. Our window/door measurement tool improves accuracy by labeling window and door openings, and then measuring windows based on a known measurement like a door, and finally automatically mapping window measurements over to the estimate.


Help Window and Door Contractors to Easily and Quickly Create Estimates

We enable window and door contractors to make measurements more quickly and efficiently using our easy-to-use templates.

The templating function inside One Click Contractor’s estimation platform allows window and door contractors to build repeatable parts of the estimate and then re-use those same elements on future jobs. This will greatly improve the speed of collecting measurements to creating an estimate. These templates can be created are customer-facing, allowing the contractor to change color, style, number of windows, and add grids; all on the fly.

Streamline Your Windows and Door Estimation Process

Window and door estimates are sometimes long and cumbersome due to the number of options! Using One Click Contractor, you can greatly reduce the amount of time spent identifying, measuring and estimating windows or doors

One Click Contractor’s advanced patent-pending technology will streamline your sales process by increasing speed and accuracy as well as eliminating errors or costly mistakes. You can quickly identify, measure, estimate, get a signed agreement and then place the order.


Complete a Window or Door Estimate in 3 Minutes or Less

Using One Click Contractor’s technology to speed up your process, you can easily complete an estimate in 3 minutes or less. In today’s competitive landscape, the speed at which you finalize and deliver an estimate is critical. A delay from measuring to estimation can allow time for other bids to be sent to the homeowner. We enable window and door contractors with digital technology to create professional estimates with lightning speed and accuracy! You will shorten your sales cycle, close more jobs, and create a better connection with homeowners, all by creating estimates digitally with the click of a button.

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