Measure and Create Estimates for Siding and Gutters With Speed and Accuracy

Create a professional-looking siding estimate in 3 minutes or less with One Click Contractor’s sales productivity software. With siding estimates, speed and accuracy are key. We make creating professional and accurate estimates easy.


Say Goodbye to Manually Measuring Siding and Gutters for Good!

We know most remote measuring solutions do not accurately measure siding well so contractors are forced to measure by hand.

Hand measuring the old school way with a tape measure can be very dangerous, especially when the contractor needs to be up on a latter. This method can also be inaccurate and very inefficient from a time perspective. Manual measurements always leave room for error in the estimation process.

Remotely Measure Siding and Gutters

Utilize remote measurement technology partners like Hover or One Click Contractor complementary proprietary siding measurements included with your subscription. This allows siding contractors to accurately and quickly estimate a job.

The difference with these remote measuring services is the siding is measured from a photo instead of a satellite image allowing for more accuracy. Siding contractors can measure for gutters as well using this same tactic.


Easily and Quickly Create Estimates for Siding and Gutters

Using One Click Contractor templates, we enable siding and gutter contractors to more quickly and efficiently move from measurement to pricing options in an estimate through utilizing templates. The templating function inside One Click Contractor’s estimation platform allows siding contractors to build repeatable parts of the estimate and then re-use those same elements on future jobs, thereby increasing the speed of collecting measurements to creating an estimate.

One of our most popular templates for siding contractors is using bundled pricing allowing for the homeowner to see one price instead of all the components necessary to complete a siding job. Then the siding contractor can unbundle the pricing when it comes to creating their inventory list.

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