Create Roofing Estimates in 3 Minutes or Less

Finish an estimate quickly and easily using One Click Contractor’s sales productivity software. With roofing estimates, speed and accuracy are key. We make creating professional and accurate roofing estimates in 3 min or less easy.


Measure Roofing and Gutters Safely With Speed and Accuracy

Hand measuring the old school way with a tape measure can be very dangerous, especially when the contractor needs to walk around on a roof. This method can also be inaccurate and very inefficient from a time perspective. Manual measurements always leave room for error in the estimation process.

Say goodbye to manual measuring for good! We utilize remote measurement technology with partners like Hover, Eagleview, or the proprietary One Click Contractor roof measurement tools included with your subscription. This allows roofing contractors to accurately and quickly estimate a job.

Easily and Quickly Create Good, Better, Best Pricing for Roofing and Gutters

Using One Click Contractor templates, we enable roofing and gutter contractors to more quickly and efficiently move from measurement to pricing options in an estimate through utilizing templates.

The templating function inside One Click Contractor’s estimation platform allows roofers to build duplicatable parts of the estimate and then re-use those same elements on future jobs, thereby increasing the speed of collecting measurements to creating an estimate. One of our most popular templates for roofers is the “good, better, best” pricing, offering 3 different product options for the customer.


With Roofing Estimates, Speed Matters. Create Professionally Looking Estimates Fast.

Get an estimate completed in 3 minutes or less by using technology to speed up your process. In today’s competitive landscape, the speed at which you finalize and deliver an estimate is critical. A slower process or time-lapse from measuring to estimation will often open the door for other bids to be sent to the homeowner. We help roofing contractors to create professional estimates with lightning speed and accuracy! You will shorten your sales cycle, close more jobs, and create a better connection with homeowners, all by creating estimates digitally with the click of a button.

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