Keep General Contractors Involved and Organized Through the Entire Process

Utilizing One Click Contractor’s sales productivity platform allows new construction contractors to keep all job-related details in one place, ensuring a streamlined approach for all parties involved. From measurement to getting paid - to installation, keep all customer and job-related details together in one system.


Reduce Costly Mistakes or Project Adjustments Through Documenting the Entire Process

For many new construction contractors, it can be frustrating when mistakes happen that could be avoided with proper project documentation. One Click Contractor’s sales productivity solutions help new construction or general contractors to document all parts of the project. From tracking measurements documented by the initial salesperson or data collector through material ordering or delivery, all can be documented in One Click Contractor. All photos and documents are stored are saved according to customer and job, and they can be applied to a proposal or agreement by checking the appropriate boxes inside the platform.

Additionally, photos can be a powerful tool for documentation. Contractors can utilize the photos section to document the before, during and after phases of a customer job. They can also be highly useful to document the delivery of materials as well as the site or property condition (driveway, yard, etc.). These photos will be saved directly in the homeowner’s One Click Contractor customer file for a reference regarding that specific job.

Quickly Create Beautiful, Personalized and Accurate Digital Estimates

One Click Contractor allows new construction or general contractors to move seamlessly from estimate to agreement in an interactive environment for both you and the homeowner resulting in a custom-tailored agreement.

Documents like blueprints or pertinent detailed documents can be uploaded to be a customized part of the digital estimation, design and building process. Those documents can also be easily be included as part of an estimate or agreement by the general contractor.


Efficiently Build Digital Price Lists as You Go for New Construction and General Contracting Jobs

New construction contractors who do a majority of custom jobs might dread the lengthy estimation process because they need to start from scratch for every estimate they create.

One Click Contactor enables new construction contractors to build their pricing catalog as they go. Most new build contractors who do custom work don’t have a digital price list they can use. With One Click Contractor, as the contractor does more jobs, they are able over time to build a digital price list that they can reference for future jobs. This increases speed to estimate and the number of jobs they can bid on.

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