Spend Time Creating a Homeowner’s Dream Kitchen or Bathroom

Utilizing One Click Contractor’s sales estimation process allows for kitchen and bath remodelers to spend the time bringing their customer’s dream kitchen or bathroom to life instead of buried in a mountain of paperwork.


Moving Quickly and Easily From Design Inspiration to Creating the Estimate

For many Kitchen and Bath Remodelers the bidding and estimation process can be long and extremely cumbersome. Don’t ask customers to wait a week or longer to get their remodeling estimate.

One Click Contractor’s estimate template functionality allows for a kitchen or bath remodeler to turn a long complicated bidding and estimation process into a much more condensed and systematic process.

Pro Tip: If you normally estimate a job the same way 80% of the time, include those line items in your template. Ex: I always include a tear-off cost for the current backsplash include this line item in your template to decrease the amount of time it takes to build an estimate.

Quickly Estimate Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Jobs With Bucketed Pricing or Pricing Packages

One Click Contractor helps kitchen and bath remodelers more quickly and efficiently move from the design phase to the estimation phase. We work with remodelers to help them take their pricing packages or bucketed pricing into our platform to drive efficiency and speed in the estimation process, thereby eliminating 100% custom line items and a lengthy estimation process.


Efficiently Build Digital Price Lists as You Go for Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Jobs

Kitchen and bath remodelers who do a majority of custom jobs might dread the lengthy estimation process. This is due to the reality that their pricing catalogs are not usually digital, and it takes many hours to dig through books to find MSRP prices, add their multiplier in order to actually estimate a job.

One Click Contactor enables kitchen and bath remodelers to actually build their pricing catalog as they go. Most remodelers who do custom work don’t have a digital price list they can use. With One Click Contractor, as remodelers do more jobs, they are able over time to build a digital price list that they can reference those line items for future jobs. This increases speed to estimate and the number of jobs they can bid on.

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