Move From Measurement to Estimate Using Decking & Fencing Aerial Measurement Technology

In the past, measuring a deck or fence had to be done in-person or onsite with the homeowner. That used to be true, until now! Use One Click Contractor’s proprietary aerial decking technology to measure and estimate decks and fences even before setting foot in the customer’s home.


Remotely Measure Decking and Fencing With Ease With Aerial Measurement Technology

Utilize aerial remote measurement through One Click Contractor complementary proprietary decking and fencing measurement tool included with your subscription. This tool allows decking and fencing contractors to use aerial measurements that map directly from the deck tool to the estimate allowing them to create a multi-level, custom-shaped deck as well as account for walls and railing.

Save Time and Money in Your Decking and Fencing Estimation Process

We know many decking and fencing contractors struggle with remotely measuring a deck or fence. This is usually results in a longer process from measurement to creating an estimate causing the contractor to take on fewer jobs since he needs to physically drive to every appointment for a consultation. By utilizing technology such as One Click Contractor’s proprietary decking and fencing tool, allows decking and fencing contractors to shorten their sales process, close more jobs and ultimately make more money.


Easily and Quickly Create Estimates for a Deck or Fence

Using One Click Contractor templates, we enable decking and fencing contractors to more quickly and efficiently move from measurement to pricing options in an estimate through utilizing templates. The templating function inside One Click Contractor’s estimation platform allows contractors to build repeatable parts of the estimate and then re-use those same elements on future jobs, thereby increasing the speed of collecting measurements to creating an estimate.

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