Remote Measurements

Say goodbye to manual measuring for good!

We utilize remote measurement technology with partners like Hover, Eagleview, or the proprietary One Click Contractor measurement tools included with your subscription. This allows contractors to quickly measure siding, roofing, windows, doors, decks and fencing for the most accurate estimates.

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Design Tools

Visualize your company’s advantage!

With One Click Our you can use simple visualization technology like Renoworks that gives you the advantage to grow sales and profits up to 60%. Increase customer satisfaction when you help homeowners envision their remodeled home before starting a project.

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Estimate Fast

Get an estimate completed in 3 minutes or less.

It has been proven that the sooner you provide an estimate to when the customer contacts you the higher the chances of them committing.  You will shorten your sales cycle, close more jobs, and create a better customer experience by creating estimates digitally with the click of a button.

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Photo Documentation

Photos can be uploaded by the salesperson, data collector or the homeowner themselves.

Before you are in the customer’s home you can send them a text a link to get some photos. This enables you to get insight into the potential job before you even set foot in their home. All photos are stored and saved according to customer and job, and they can be applied to a proposal or agreement by checking the appropriate boxes. One Click integrates with plnar where it’s easy to document your jobs, communicate with your crews and cover your company’s butt.

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Price Presentation

Give your customers a Good, Better, Best option.

One Click allows contractors to create different bid pricing options for homeowners to see how changes in scope or building materials compare side-by-by. If you are offering financing see the same good, better, best in finance options. Selling to the monthly payment instead of total ticket increases sales.

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eSign Contracts

Quickly sign a contract electronically?

Signing with an eSignature is faster, safer and more accessible than using traditional signatures with pen on paper. And it’s easy to sign any contract since eSign is always free to signers. Register for a free trial and in minutes so you can start signing.

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Contractor Sales Software

Credit Card Processing

Process and track your credit card payments in one place. 

43% of U.S. consumers prefer to use credit cards over other payment options like checks or cash so we’ve teamed up with our partner PaySimple to provide you easy way of accepting credit card payments that can help you close more jobs and get you paid FAST. Add click-to-pay email that gives your customers the ability to pay their bill online and receive a receipt in seconds.

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Sell Virtually Anywhere

79% of homeowners said they were apprehensive about letting contractors in the home after Covid.

Our easy to use screen share capability is part of our platform and doesn’t require any additional downloads or plug-ins for the contractor or the homeowner to use. Just email or text the customer an invite, press the start button, and you’re ready to start your presentation. You are now selling just like you normally would face-to-face. It really is that easy!

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Increase Sales With Financing

Learn how you can close 30-50% more jobs? Easy! Automatically add financing to EVERY sales presentation.

This new functionality can compare pricing options and integrate financing options into your presentations and estimates. We make it easier for the homeowner to compare different payment options – including financing into the project summary. It also allows for the seamless integration of financing options and applications right into the sales process, allowing financing to be easily offered every time!

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Material Delivery?

Well if we did we would protect it, you can take that to the bank!

But seriously, there are several people that work at One Click that came from the construction industry. We know how valuable your time is and how at the end of the day were all hard working people trying to take care of our employees and families. We just want you to know we are here to help you save time to be home more with them.

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