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How Paul Trautmann switched to digital & saw astronomical results!

Learn more about how one home improvement virtual selling vet expanded his business' geography reach by using virtual sales techniques.

You love the traditional in-home sales process where you meet homeowners face-to-face. You also might think that an in-home sales presentation and your presence at their home increases your close rate...right? 

What if I told you that your close rate could be 50+% if you made the change to a digital sales process, would you do it? 

Paul Trautmann, Owner at Timberland Exteriors, felt the same way. But the truth is, in-home presentations weren't really improving his close rate either. 

Paul’s story: 

How embracing digital and virtual selling helped him increase his close rate and open up another location! 

Paul Trautmann has been a part of the remodeling industry since 1993. His company, Timberland Exteriors, serves thousands of homeowners from their four locations in two states. After years of being in the industry, he realized in-home presentations were not yielding the results they had prior.

Fortunately, Paul had the solution in his back pocket. He initially invested in One Click Contractor for easy estimations. One year in, he decided to give the platform’s virtual presentations a go, and he was HOOKED!

Since choosing One Click Contractor, Paul has seen incredible results: 

  • ✅ Boosted closing rate & profit
    ✅ Higher customer engagement
  • ✅ Expanded service area
  • ✅ Referral customers before the job was completed
Learn How Paul achieved these incredible sales.
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