Powerful History of Helping Contractors Succeed Through the Creation of Technology Solutions

Created by technology-minded contractors for contractors.

As the R&R or Home Improvement industry continues to evolve, technology has played a huge role in that evolution. Our team continues to be the industry leader, after almost two decades of innovative technology creation.


A History of Innovation & Disruption in the R&R Industry

Our President and Found Dale Thornberry, along with his development team, continue to make waves in the home improvement technology industry with their cutting edge solutions.

As a contractor himself, Dale saw first-hand some of the key challenges contractors struggle with on a daily basis. Dale has been an innovative problem-solver and continues to find and eliminate some of the major pain points contractors experience through developing technology solutions. These technologies have been instrumental in the disruption and furthering of the R&R Industry.

From Remote Measurements to a Complete Sales Productivity Solution

Dale and his development team’s work began with remote measurements and has scaled to what One Click Contractor is today, a complete end-to-end sales productivity solution.

Before developing One Click Contractor, the team recognized that one of the biggest gaps for home improvement contractors is the entire sales process from measuring, to pricing, to creating an estimate. These processes are fragmented and slow, presenting new and unforeseen challenges with every sale. The One Click Contractor team has been committed to filling in these gaps and creating solutions that continue to push the bounds of what is possible and to develop technology that helps contractors run their businesses using the best technology solution available to make the end-to-end sales process efficient and painless.


One Click Contractor, the Next Frontier

One Click Contractor was developed to connect a contractor’s digital technologies together enabling efficiency, accuracy, and speed to streamline the contractor sales process. This groundbreaking technology has resulted in over $1B in estimates that have flowed through the One Click Contractor Platform.

Dale and his leadership team are now focused on growing and scaling the business on the foundational element of developing a best-in-class technology platform.

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